Omega provides AC-powered, high-intensity marine lanterns in General Marine Use (GMU) and ATEX Category 2 versions. This model meets the “U” code main light requirement on north sea platforms, produces up to 19,800 candela and attains up to 15Nm range depending on transmissivity at the site and the flash characteristic chosen.

Besides the high intensive model, Omega supplies a wide range of low maintenance and power consumption navigational lanterns that  able to achieve maximum visual range, including models for mark buoys, offshore structures, channels, bridges, barges and docks, as well as models for use on fixed offshore structures.

Additionally, full line of flashers, lampchangers and lampholders are also available for industrial use, Omega supplies models for DC or AC operation that provide up to 256 user selectable flash codes and feature solid-state electronics coated to withstand the marine environment. They are sealed in a watertight acrylic canister with corrosion protection to assure maximum reliability.