Key Management



Managing Director

Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Mr. TL Dang founded Omega Integration Pte Ltd in 1999. He leads with over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, a global perspective and a skill set fusing engineering excellence and strategic discipline. An entrepreneur with proven success in diverse fields, his interests have expanded to include information technology and telecommunications. Mr. TL Dang’s relentless ambition to bring the best solutions to clients has to date built Omega Integration up to over 300 employees who are passionate in delivering projects with high service quality and actualizing client’s expectations. In addition to his general corporate experience, his vast and rich experience provides operational excellence to the company and a capability to drive innovation.





Degree in Computer Science

Ms. Joleen Chan joined as General Manager in 2004, bringing five years of experience in sales working with a business partner of IBM. She is responsible for business improvement plans to strengthen the performance and profitability of the Group, as well as to sustain long-term client relationships. She has extensive advisory experience on issues of strategy, driving performance improvement, change management, organization building and human capital development.